Sunday, September 15, 2013

We MIGHT Survive!!!

Ok....we MIGHT make it!! 22 days and a couple of us are thinking we may survive this year! The beginning of the year has been ...anything but normal or easy!! is kicking our butts!!! However...there was a shimmer of hope this week. They seem to be getting into somewhat of a routine! We will keep going over procedures and THEY WILL GET IT!!!:)
We have really been trying to incorporate some Whole Brain Strategies. We are taking it slow and only doing a few is amazing!! It is so exciting to see all the kids engaged and wanting to share what they are learning!! One of our favorites so far is "Mirrors" they love being the teacher !

The smallest little thing can get them excited!! Our kids LOVE using Bingo Dabbers to hunt for letters!! We created a RTI Pack for Letters and Sounds. After we introduce the letters using Fundations, we follow up with the RTI Pack and our ABC Sing and Read Pack. You can grab them by clicking on the picture below!!

We hope you have a great week!!:)

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