Monday, September 2, 2013

We are BACK!!! once again we have been crazy busy with school and our little blog has been neglected!! We have made a promise that we are going to be better about this!! We hope that everyone has enjoyed the long weekend and you were able to relax and enjoy the last little bit of summer!! The four of us have been busy... Marsha and Lori spent the weekend with their families at the lake, Kaybeth celebrated the wedding of her son ( can't wait to hear about it and see pics) and me...well not so fun!! I spent the weekend cleaning! Like....crazy women cleaning! My kids and husband tried to avoid me for fear of what I would have them clean next! Anyways...after a few days it's done and who doesn't love a clean house!!:)
We are back into our routines at school...well almost!! We forget how long procedures take for Kindergartners!!!  We are still practicing our WBT procedures and let's just say we are loving it!! We are all learning as we go but we are excited to see what the year brings!
In between practicing and practicing some more we have accomplished a few things! We thought we would share!!

Our trains fromk our Lit and Names pack. Love the added detail!! We are still busy, busy, busy learning names!! Click here to see the pack on our TPT store!

We are loving our ABC sing pack!!! We use Fundations to teach letters and sounds but this pack fits in nicely with it! After we introduce the letter we are working on for that week, we introduce the poem that goes with each letter. We start out whole group, then move to independent practice!! It is a great way to get started on tracking and one to one!!

So there you have it...a quick peek at a few things!! We are off to enjoy the last bit of this 3 day weekend!! We hope you have a wonderful week...only 4 days!!:)

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