Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's BACK TO SCHOOL time and a SALE!!

Hi there friends...sorry for the absence! We have been crazy busy preparing for the beginning of the year! We started this past Wednesday! Let's just say...we are tired! Like...barely walking, order pizza for dinner, bed at 8:00 tired!!! was only 2 1/2 days! What are we going to do this week...5 days!!:( Anyways we are off and running!
What an adventure the beginning of the year is for everyone...especially in KINDERGARTEN!! Seriously...some of our little sweeties are not even sure how to hold scissors not to mention walking in a straight line or writing their names!! But...that makes it all the more exciting at the end of the year when we see just how far they have come! Keep your eyes on the progress and the end results! Next week we will begin our assessments...what an interesting time that is!:)
With the beginning of the year comes...BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!! WooHoo...who is excited??? We defiantly are and our wish list is growing by the hour!:) We will be participating in the site-wide for a total of 28% off your purchase!! Make sure to enter the promo code at the checkout for the additional savings!

Here are a few things that may help with the beginning of the year!
Activities to go with some favorite read alouds....they focus on learning names.

Problems of the day...enough for each day!

Great for the beginning of the year when you are teaching letters and sounds!

Beach Decor pack!!

Western Decor pack!

Like we said...we have been back for a few days! We thought we would give you a peak into one of our rooms!
Dismissal procedures...easy to change since they are on a clothes pin!
Ten Frames...part of our Beach Decor pack!

Reading corner....:) We can at least pretend we are at a beach!

Beach Word Wall Header Cards go with our Beach Decor pack and  the Writing Center from DeeDee Wills! Click here to find it in her TPT store!
We are very excited to be giving Whole Brain Teaching a go this year. Here is a freebie....Beach Theme Super Improvers Wall. Click here to download your copy!

Beach Theme color posters!! They are a freebie also....grab them here!

Birthday Wall...look at all the birthdays in June and July!:(

Ok. Ok...if you follow Kindergarten Smorgasboard you know all about the spider in the toilet!! If really should follow him because let me tell you....he has some AMAZING ideas! You can read his blog entry about the spider here. So yes...I drew a spider in the toilet! Let me tell you...the boys love it! And...not one of them has missed the target! Hello to a dry floor!! YES....I can't believe it has taken all these years to discover something so simple! Thanks Kindergarten Smorgasboard!!
Whole group area! My WBT rules are hanging on the ribbon so we can see them at ALL times!
Looking into my room from the door! Sorry about the chairs....:)

Teacher area and small group table! Love how everything is right where I need it!!! And...if you notice the plastic drawers....a little Washi Tape helps everything!:)

So there you have it...a little trip around the room! Hope you liked it! If you are heading back to school....we hope you get off to a fantastic start!! If you are already back...we hope your year continues to get easier!!:)

Have a great rest of the weekend and have fun doing a little TPT shopping!:)

Monday, August 5, 2013

We have FREEBIES!!!:)

Who doesn't love a FREEBIE??? We have a few to share with you guys! We are very excited to be bringing Whole Brain Teaching to our classrooms this year! We are a bit overwhelmed with all the new information but we are preparing for the new year! We would love to hear any tips and tricks that have worked well for you while implementing Whole Brain Teaching. We are going to take it one step at a time and pray  for the best....:) We are officially back in one week...seriously did summer even happen?:(

Anyways...back to the freebies! We have been working on our WBT goodies and thought we would share a couple of our Super Improver Walls with you!

Click on each image to download them!
Also...we wanted to share a little addition we made for a couple of our Decor Packs. Click on the images to grab color posters to go with our Western and Beach Decor Packs!

We hope you enjoy the freebies!