About Us

As the four of us became familiar with the blogging world we each became hooked on many different sites and ideas for our kindergarten classrooms.  We began to think that with our combined years of experience, we
might have something to offer the blogging world. Lori was already stalking DeeDee Wills' blog.  She emailed DeeDee to see if we could come for a visit on our day off!  We know, our day off.  Crazy, right!  That may be why DeeDee calls us those "Crazy Boonville Teachers!"  DeeDee welcomed us with open arms and  insight.  We left in awe of her as well as inspired by her creativity, energy, and enthusiasm.  We ignited our whole team with ideas we had reaped from our visit!

We began to ponder the idea of creating our own blog.  It was overwhelming to think of doing it on our own thus the Fab 4 came to be!  We were unsure where to begin so we called on DeeDee again and she was more than willing to meet with us over Christmas break.  We had a lovely three hour lunch and learned soooo much!  Here we are beginning our adventure in the blogging world.

As the "Fab 4"  we each bring our own unique background and personality to the team...

Lori is the energetic, laid-back, hilarious part of the team! She is married and has three children.  Lori has been teaching eleven years.  Her teaching experiences include third, fourth, and kindergarten.

Becky is the organized and creative part of the team.  She always has a well thought out plan!  Becky is married and has two children.  She has been teaching for twelve years.  Her teaching experiences include first and kindergarten.

Marsha is the most experienced kindergarten teacher on our team and is the perfectionist with a dedicated drive.  She comes from a long line of educators and the tradition carries on with her daughter, a fifth grade teacher.  Marsha is married and has two children.  She has been teaching kindergarten for twenty-eight years!  WOW!.

Kay Beth is the calm, positive, reassuring person on our team.  She is known as the workaholic of the group.  She is married with 4 children and one granddaughter. Kay Beth has been teaching for 22 years. Her experience includes kindergarten and first.

And so it begins...


  1. You are sound great!! I just found your blog through the forum, I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  2. We are so glad you found us! It has been so fun to get started! We will be sure to check out your blog! Thanks for leaving us a comment! :)

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