Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Science-Go-Crazy and some other stuff too!

Science-Go-Crazy.... A little bit crazy, but the kids had a blast walking around the gym doing all kinds of interesting science experiments.  They got to experience such things as static electricity, balancing, solids/liquids and some "kool chemistry".  It's always one of our highlights of the year.  The pictures tell how excited our little ones were to participate in the activities that you can see below! 

A balancing act!

Indoor spring tornados!

Did it sink...or float?

Kool Chemistry!

Music to our ears!

Now For the New Stuff!!!   

We hope that you got to take a peek at one of our newest creations...our "Super Awards".  This bundle includes creative awards that are sure to meet all of your students' abilities and/or personalities.  We are sure that you will be tickled to share these at the end of the year. 

We have added a black and white version to each award...:)
And now, take a peek at our newest certificate...our "Kindergarten and Preschool Diplomas".  We are sure that you will be just as delighted in seeing your little angels receive these special keepsakes as the parents will enjoy having them for years to come!

We have also added a black and white version of each!

And next to arrive..."Monsterous Math"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Super Award Winners!

We just had to share our latest creation....we are in love with them!!! 

The end of the year will be here before we know it...where is the year going???

Friday, March 15, 2013

Marchin' Forward!!!

Does anyone feel stressed thinking about all that has to be done by the end of the year?  We are feeling your pain!  However, we did survive 3rd quarter assessments and grade cards.  YEEYEE!!! 

Rainy Day Sequence Numbers 1-10
There are also sequence number cards for numbers 11-20

Rainy Day Subtraction

Hoppy Number Find

Hoppy Number Find

Rainy Day Sequence Numbers 1-10

The new centers that we have created are in full force and the students are LOVING them!  It is also amazing to see how much knowledge they gain from each activity.  The bright colors in the games have lifted our spirits as well as the students!

Along with having to work on assessments and grade cards we have  been meeting to choose which math series to adopt. Since we wanted to align with all grades through 5th we have had many discussions and opinions shared as to which series is going to benefit all of "our little darlings".  We would love to tell you what we voted for, but shh!! It's a secret.  We will tell you when all of the ballots are tallied. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Official...We Sprung Ahead!!!

What better way to get in the mood for spring than with a couple of new "springy" products!

We wanted to finish up on these two products because... now we have to turn our focus to 3rd  quarter grade cards and assessments!! HAPPY TIMES AHEAD!!

Thinking about going into this last quarter, gets us very excited about our next product that we will be working on.  For those of you that are looking for a special end of the year book and awards...THIS ONES FOR YOU!! Keep an eye out!!

Springy product #1

Springy product #2

Sunday, March 3, 2013


We are having a LINKY PARTY!!! Thanks to Mary at Sharing Kindergarten for having a linky party for St. Patricks Day! We are really excited since this is the first time we have done something like this! We are learning as we go but...we are learning SO much!
 So....have a look!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been really crazy!!  We returned today, A FRIDAY, after being off all week. The kiddos were a bit confused as well as most teachers.  We are hoping that we can get back to some consistency next week.  
We need to give a shout out to our great friend, DeeDee Wills and the writing unit she has created with Deanna Jump.

The kids love these units and they have all become better writers.  Here are a couple of samples of writings the students have been working on.  

Ain't Gonna Paint No More- Persuasive Writing of why they should get to paint.
I will do it myself.
I am an artist.
I will make a book for you.

Persuasive Writing 
Mom please let me get a pony.
I will ride it.

Our kids get so excited when it comes time to write.  They are becoming such great authors and they love to share their work.