Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apples, apples,apples

Hi friends....this is going to be a short little update!! We can sum up our week with... Apples!!:) We had a great week learning the life cycle, tasting different kinds of apples, identifying the parts and finally making applesauce!!:)

All that was left after our applesauce snack!!! The kids loved it!! They thought we did something really wonderful!
We are starting a little something new!! Each Friday we will be offering a freebie on our TPT store. It will be free for one week only. We hope that you will check back to see what our freebie will be!:)

Now....3 weeks in a row....we are linking up with our sweet friend DeeDee Wills and posting our visual lesson plans!! We hope you will take a peek at our week!!! 

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