Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sight Word Practice!!

Bright ideas...we LOVE bright ideas!! I mean really...we are all educators so if we can come across something that will save us time and money...we are all game! have come to the right spot!! We are linking up with some AMAZING bloggers for a hop of just BRIGHT IDEAS!!

 So sit back and enjoy the tips!!:)

Our "bright idea" is out the door practice with sight words!! They are everywhere...we dance to them, sing them, practice writing is never ending practice!! However...sometimes you just need a little more!! And..then the light bulb comes on! How many times a day do you line up or students walk out of your room either for a trip to the bathroom, nurse, office...on and on and on!! So...words on the door! Before they leave they have to practice reading them! Here are a couple examples from our rooms!!
The clothesline above the door is adorable and easy to change out!! Just use the mini clothes pins, some yarn and two 3M hooks and you are done!!:) can go a little easier and just stick them to your door!:)

We jazz it up...we use our best grumpy voice, opera voice and sometimes we just pick one and write it on the friends' back that is in front of us! Seriously...what kid doesn't love a fancy pointer! They are a must for reading. Have them by the door and bam...a fun way to read sight words! It takes just a few seconds but, a few seconds several times a day is great practice!!

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on hopping through the bright ideas! Up next is Ashleigh Swinford from Ashleigh's Education Journey. She has a bright idea to help with organizing your math manipulatives!!

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  1. I hopped over during the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!
    Thank you, this is terrific!
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  2. Love this idea! I hopped over from the Bright Ideas Blog Hop too! I post my sight words outside my classroom door too. :)

    1. It is such a simple way to practice...:) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

    1. Glad you liked it...we hope you can use it! Thanks for stopping by!!:)