Monday, October 28, 2013

RTI Bundle and Wall Pops!!!

Hey... Happy Monday!! We can at least pretend we are excited about this!! Let me tell you what I really am excited about... These cute little things!!
How awesome are these??? They are called Wall Pops and they can be found at Menards. You just peel, stick and then you can move them!
They are easy to peel off and re-position if you need to. We thought... How perfect for small groups! You can use a dry erase marker and BAM... It just wipes off!! We do hope they stay down... We will keep you posted!!
Also... We are very excited to say we have finished our RTI Packs and face bundled all 5 together. It is on sale till tomorrow evening!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lesson Plans!!

Hey Friends.... can you believe it is almost November? October was so busy that our heads are still spinning!! Between Reading Night, Fire Prevention Week, Red Ribbon Week, all the drills that we have crammed in and...Conferences...WE.ARE.TIRED!!! This  week was super busy. We had conferences Tuesday evening after we taught all day and Thursday afternoon and evening. 
October is always crazy busy but does anyone else feel like it is just sort of a blur?? We are praying for a calm November...we will see how that goes for us!:) week did get off to an awesome start! Sunday night, my sister and I went to see Keith Urban in concert! Ok...anyone that knows me, knows how much I love Keith!! It was only concert #12:) Anyways...long story, short, we had an amazing time...shook his hand twice, got a guitar pick and we were upgraded from not so great seats to the floor!! Can you say...BEST. NIGHT. EVER!!! 
YES...we were that close!!:)

My sweet sister and I before the show!! Hello stage!!
On top of all the craziness that has been going on, we still have managed to squeeze in a few new products!! Here is proof...I spent the greater part of today cutting laminating! Seriously...hours later....DONE!! Centers should be ready to roll this week!

We are excited to introduce a couple activities from our new Rockin' The FSF Pack, also our Rockin' the PSF and a couple packs from our dear friend DeeDee Wills! Click her to see her Halloween Board Game and her Fall Into Fun Literacy and Math Centers.
We are so close to finishing our Rockin' the NWF pack. We can't wait to finish our last RTI pack and make a bundle with all 5 packs!! It will be packed with activities that you can use during Intervention time, small group time and centers!!
Ok...lesson plans!! We are really loving how our visual lesson plans are turning out! Thanks for the opportunity to link up each week with DeeDee!

We hope that you find them useful and are able to grab a few ideas from them!

Have a great week friends!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

FREEBIE Friday!!!

Hey's Freebie Friday!!! We actually have the day off...woohoo! We had conferences this week so this is our reward for the late nights!! Anyways...we hope you will jump on over to our TPT store and grab our freebie!! It is part of our new RTI Rockin' The FSF pack. We hope you can find it useful for your students that need a little extra help with First Sound!!! 

Happy Friday!! 
We will be back this weekend with lesson plans!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lesson plans and a FREEBIE...just a little late!:)

Hey friends!!! We hope you had a great week! We are getting ready for our parent/teacher conferences this week! It doesn't matter how many years we do these... We still get nervous! Anyone else? 

This week we were excited to finish up a couple new products!! We are in full RTI mode so we have been working on a few packs to help out!!

 We are working on a final RTI pack....Nonsense Words! When we finish, we will be bundling all the RTI packs for a discounted price!!! It will have so many activities to help during RTI or with your Dibel scores!

Our kids were having a hard time with rhyming... So this week we have really been working. They are coming along and we are excited to see it starting to click. Each day... Several times a day, we just practice. This week we have been starting our small group time just buddy reading our rhyming rings. They take turns quickly going through the words and then they switch and listen to their partner! This activity comes out of our RTI Rockin' Rhymes pack.

We are loving our new finger lights from Amazon and the Guided Reading Week by Week by our Missouri friend Tara West! We love how she has it broke down into 3 different levels so it fits all students regardless of where they are!

Finally... We have the Friday Freebie up! Yes...  late, but better late than never! Sorry friends... Sometimes... Life happens!! We certainly hope you find it useful. We are working on our students recalling letter names quickly so we thought this was the perfect thing to help with that!!

Ok... Moving on! It's lesson plan time!! We are linking up again with our friend DeeDee Wills for a peak at our week!!

We have a short week due to conferences but... Here they are!!:)

Now... For the best part!!! It's Keith Urban night!!! Woot woot!! My sweet sister bought tickets for my birthday and it's time!!! Not only do I get to hang out with my sister, I took Monday off and... I get 2 hours of Keith!! For those who don't know me... I LOVE me some Keith!! I mean really... How can you not love this???:)

Have a great week friends!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shoe Tying and Lesson Plans!!

Hey Friends...we hope you had a great weekend! Sorry this update is a little late! We all had a wonderful weekend with our families! We certainly hope you had a chance to spend time with the ones you love also!!  Every weekend must come to an end so... we are gearing up for the week ahead!!!:)

We have had a few questions about our RTI (Response to Intervention) time. We wanted to take a chance to explain how RTI works in our building. Our Intervention time is school wide, meaning every child is receiving small group instruction based on their need according to our data. We assess and progress monitor using Dibels, so this gives us an idea how to group the students according to their level (red, yellow or green). Currently in Kindergarten, we have a high percentage that need a second dose of Fundations, (this is the program that we use to teach letters, formation and sounds) so most of the Kindergarten teachers keep their own kids during RTI. Ideally the groups are around 6 kids in a group and can be regrouped as needed. The kids that are on grade level are grouped together and they are working on enrichment activities, either for Math or Com. Arts. During the 30 minutes that we have our small groups, we are focusing on letters, sounds, letter formation as well as rhyming, nonsense words and beginning sounds.We do 2 rounds of intervention a year. The round that we are currently doing will go till about the middle of December. We will begin round 2 sometime in February after we have a chance to Benchmark the students and see what their needs are. During this time, we also use our RTI packs to reinforce the skills that are needed. We hope this helps.:)
Everything you need to help with rhyming!!! is anyone else about to pull their hair out with all the shoe tying that takes place in Kindergarten!! We can't stand is driving us CRAZY!!! So after visiting about this issue with our sweet friend DeeDee Wills, we came up with a great idea to help with this problem...Flyin With Tyin!!:)

Included in this pack is a poem, to the tune of The Ants Go Marching,  pictures of each step, individual poems for poetry folders, practice shoes for tying, parent letter and a "medal" for the students to wear when they learn to tie!
Now...we are linking up with DeeDee Wills again this week with our lesson plans...we are on a roll!!

We hope you have a great week! Be sure to check back for Freebie Friday!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Freebie Friday!!

It's freebie Friday!!! Our kids are having a horrible time with rhyming so...we made a rhyming pack to help!!! We wanted to give you a peak with this little freebie!!! Remember...jump on over to our TPT store to grab it! It will be up for a week only!!:) We hope you find it useful! Have a great Friday Friends!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rockin' Rhymes and Lesson Plans

Hey Friends....we certainly hope you had a great week!! We are gearing up for the week ahead! We are already planning for our first quarter grade cards/conferences!! How is it that the first quarter is almost over already!! Seriously....did September even happen??? 
This past week we were so excited to finish another RTI pack....Rhyming! We were in desperate need of this pack...our kids CAN NOT rhyme! Is anyone else seeing this problem. They can tell you what it means to rhyme, but they can not listen for it or produce rhyming words! So....this week we are hitting it hard!!! Many of the activities that are included in the pack are great for small group, then can easily be moved into a center so they can re-enforce the skill! We certainly hope you find it helpful!

Click on the picture to find it in our store!

This week we also started a new idea...FREEBIE FRIDAY!! Each Friday we will put up a different freebie on our TPT store. We hope you will stop back by to check it out!! 

One more thing!!! It is possible that we have been living under a rock but...we discovered School Tube this week!! How did we not know about this before!! Seriously...some amazing educational videos for almost everything!! And the best part....NO crazy commercials! We were always so nervous with You would never know what might pop up!! Are we the only teachers that just discovered this??? If not...check it out!

Finally...we have lesson plans!!! The links will only work after you download them! :) Have a great week friends!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Freebie Friday!!!

Hey friends!!! We wanted to share with you something that we are starting called Freebie Friday. Each Friday will will offer a freebie on our tpt store. It will be available for one week only and after that week we will take it down. We hope you will check in with us on Fridays to grab some great freebies! For our first freebie, we are offering a peak at our newest RTI pack for PSF. We hope you enjoy it!!

Click on the picture to download the freebie!!

Have a great Friday!!