Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rockin' Rhymes and Lesson Plans

Hey Friends....we certainly hope you had a great week!! We are gearing up for the week ahead! We are already planning for our first quarter grade cards/conferences!! How is it that the first quarter is almost over already!! Seriously....did September even happen??? 
This past week we were so excited to finish another RTI pack....Rhyming! We were in desperate need of this pack...our kids CAN NOT rhyme! Is anyone else seeing this problem. They can tell you what it means to rhyme, but they can not listen for it or produce rhyming words! So....this week we are hitting it hard!!! Many of the activities that are included in the pack are great for small group, then can easily be moved into a center so they can re-enforce the skill! We certainly hope you find it helpful!

Click on the picture to find it in our store!

This week we also started a new idea...FREEBIE FRIDAY!! Each Friday we will put up a different freebie on our TPT store. We hope you will stop back by to check it out!! 

One more thing!!! It is possible that we have been living under a rock but...we discovered School Tube this week!! How did we not know about this before!! Seriously...some amazing educational videos for almost everything!! And the best part....NO crazy commercials! We were always so nervous with You would never know what might pop up!! Are we the only teachers that just discovered this??? If not...check it out!

Finally...we have lesson plans!!! The links will only work after you download them! :) Have a great week friends!

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