Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shoe Tying and Lesson Plans!!

Hey Friends...we hope you had a great weekend! Sorry this update is a little late! We all had a wonderful weekend with our families! We certainly hope you had a chance to spend time with the ones you love also!!  Every weekend must come to an end so... we are gearing up for the week ahead!!!:)

We have had a few questions about our RTI (Response to Intervention) time. We wanted to take a chance to explain how RTI works in our building. Our Intervention time is school wide, meaning every child is receiving small group instruction based on their need according to our data. We assess and progress monitor using Dibels, so this gives us an idea how to group the students according to their level (red, yellow or green). Currently in Kindergarten, we have a high percentage that need a second dose of Fundations, (this is the program that we use to teach letters, formation and sounds) so most of the Kindergarten teachers keep their own kids during RTI. Ideally the groups are around 6 kids in a group and can be regrouped as needed. The kids that are on grade level are grouped together and they are working on enrichment activities, either for Math or Com. Arts. During the 30 minutes that we have our small groups, we are focusing on letters, sounds, letter formation as well as rhyming, nonsense words and beginning sounds.We do 2 rounds of intervention a year. The round that we are currently doing will go till about the middle of December. We will begin round 2 sometime in February after we have a chance to Benchmark the students and see what their needs are. During this time, we also use our RTI packs to reinforce the skills that are needed. We hope this helps.:)
Everything you need to help with rhyming!!! is anyone else about to pull their hair out with all the shoe tying that takes place in Kindergarten!! We can't stand is driving us CRAZY!!! So after visiting about this issue with our sweet friend DeeDee Wills, we came up with a great idea to help with this problem...Flyin With Tyin!!:)

Included in this pack is a poem, to the tune of The Ants Go Marching,  pictures of each step, individual poems for poetry folders, practice shoes for tying, parent letter and a "medal" for the students to wear when they learn to tie!
Now...we are linking up with DeeDee Wills again this week with our lesson plans...we are on a roll!!

We hope you have a great week! Be sure to check back for Freebie Friday!!

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  1. I had to laugh about shoe tying! I teach second grade and this year half of my class doesn't know how to tie shoes! I told them that they shouldn't of gotten to first grade without know how to tie shoes let alone all the way to 2nd grade! I am giving it as extra homework! It just takes too much time! I am thankful that the kids who do know how- will tie those who don't! Hope your learn quick!