Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turkey Trouble and Lesson Plans!!

Hey friends...WOW what a week! Talk about little friends were acting like wild little turkeys this week!! I think we can survive till Thanksgiving break...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!! 

In the midst of all the craziness that was last week, we still managed to start thinking about Thanksgiving! We read Turkey Trouble...we loved this book! While I was out blog hopping this week, I came across a cute idea to go along with this book from A Place Called Kindergarten. I thought they were so cute...we had to do it!! I absolutely love how they turned out! Now...I knew there might be some panic when I said "we are going to draw a turkey" so...what a perfect time for a guided drawing! Most of the time we are so busy trying to get it all in that we don't take the time for this. Let me was great! Not only were they all engaged, but they also were so darn proud of how wonderful their little turkeys turned out!!

I especially love the "eat salad" cute is that!!!

Moving our school has purchased an I-Pad Cart. It holds 25 I-Pads and we will be taking turns utilizing it between all the classes. Of course, we would all love to have all 25 all day long, but for now we are just excited for the time we will have with them! So...our question...are there any wonderful aps that you love and recommend? 
We can't wait to use this!!!

This week begins our practice for our Thanksgiving Play! Every year we wonder why in the world are we doing this to the end they always end up being the cutest little pilgrims and indians. The kids always have so much fun, not to mention how much the parents love watching their little ones in a play!! Wish us luck!!

So we just have to share this cute little video we found from Harry Kindergarten on YouTube!! We love it and the kids... even if they don't understand the whole concept now, to hear them sing it with the "twang" is priceless!!

We have been busy, busy, busy!! We just want to share a few new products that we have added and are so excited about!!

We are all set for Christmas! just make it to Thanksgiving!:)
We are linking up with our dear friend DeeDee Wills again this week with our peek at our week!! We hope you are able to use something out of them!

Have a great week friends!

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  1. I love how your turkeys turned out! Thanks for linking back to me! I LOVE doing directed drawings! Even though they all get the same directions, their drawings show their personalities.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    A Place Called Kindergarten