Friday, November 22, 2013

FREEBIE Friday!!!

Hey Friends...are you surviving??? We are barely hanging on around here!! Not only are we a few days away from a break but, it has been raining and nasty for the past several days so...inside recess!! Every teachers worst fear!:( 3 more school days till a little is much NEEDED!!'s Friday so that means FREEBIE time!! We are so excited about 3 new packs that we have posted! We thought we would give you a little peak at our Polar Express pack!! We are giving you a story puzzle. After you read the story...really it could be any story, the kids work in small groups to retell the story using, characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle and end. After they have worked to illustrate or write about their part, they put the piece back into the puzzle! After everyone has will have the whole puzzle and the whole story! We LOVE this idea! Not only does it promote cooperative learning, but it gets them thinking about the whole story!! We hope you enjoy this freebie! More to come about our other packs...this weekend!!

Happy Friday have almost made it to the weekend!!:)

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