Monday, June 24, 2013

WBT Conference and RTI Pack!!

Hello Blogging Friends....we had a very exciting time at the Whole Brain Conference in Louisiana last week. We came back with so much information...we are on brain OVERLOAD!!! If you haven't ever experienced or even heard of Whole Brain Teaching be sure to check out the website. If you ever get a chance to should!  It was unlike any conference we had ever experienced! We are already making plans to attend next year!:) 

Whole Brain Teaching is a way to get ALL students engaged...yes even the one that falls asleep! With Whole Brain Teaching there is no time for sleeping!:) Each student is not only actively engaged, but they are teaching other students as well! We can not wait to try this out and we will be keeping you updated on how the year goes!
Keep your dear teacher happy!! This maybe is our favorite rule!:)
Lori, Becky, Biff, DeeDee and KayBeth
Not only was it an amazing conference but...we got to hang out with our dear friend DeeDee Wills for 4 days! Talk about a lot of insight and knowledge...she is amazing! And...funny! It made the 12 hour car ride less painful!
We had a lovely dinner one night and enjoyed the beautiful view was HOT!!:)

 We also had the chance to meet the very sweet Cara Carroll from First Grade Parade! What a delight she was and so cute! We had a great time visiting and getting to know her!

DeeDee, Becky, Lori, Cara and KayBeth
Since we returned we have been working on new products...its so hard to believe that June is almost over! Where is the Summer going??? So for now...we will just enjoy every moment and keep working!!

Even though we are not ready for the beginning of the school year, we have been preparing for it! The beginning of the year is so have kids coming to you at ALL different levels! As we work so hard to make sure every child knows letters and sounds we thought this pack would help...especially at the beginning of the year. There are so many ways to use this pack whole group, small group, during RTI and in centers....take a peak at our newest addition.
RTI Letter and Sound Identification

We hope you are having a great summer!!!


  1. Looks great!

  2. Your RTI pack looks great. I am glad to see the quiz, quiz,trade cards. I always call it read, read, trade, trade. Not very original, but my first graders love it! I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks, Jennifer