Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Hi it's Throwback Thursday!

 We wanted in on the fun with our sweet friend Cara Carroll from First Grade Parade. However....since we are fairly new to this it is a bit of a challenge. It has been so fun to look through all the old posts since we were not around for the original.:) 
So...we are not throwing back too far! This post is from our end of the year...The Piggy Opera! It is always a hit with the students and parents and a great end to the year!

Original post May 26, 2012
It seems like FOREVER since we updated our blog! A lot has happened but the biggest news for us is....IT"S SUMMER!!! We survived the end of the year madness and paperwork and now we are ready to do a little relaxing, spend a lot of time with the families and get started on several new products!  We are getting started and can't wait to share with you our newest creations!! 

We just have to share a few pictures from our end of the year play! Each year we celebrate the end with a Kindergarten production of The Three Piggy Opera! Let's just say...these kids were AMAZING!!! They had so much fun and the parents had a great time watching the production!

We hope you are having a great long weekend!! Happy Memorial Day....thanks to all the men and women that have fought for our freedom and given the ultimate sacrifice!

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