Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wow...that took longer than it should have!

Wow...that's all we can say right now!! We just uploaded our End of the Year Memory Book and lets just say it was an adventure! Just when we thought we were close to being finished...not so much! It was our first time making a project editable and lets just say....LEARNING PROCESS!!! Thank goodness we have people in our lives that are better at technology than we are!!!:) But...in the end it all worked out and we are so excited about the end result! We can't wait to get started on this final project of the year!

We have had such an exciting week! We have seen our number of followers on TPT almost double...WOOHOO!!! So...we are gearing up for a giveaway when we reach 100!!! We are teaming up with some awesome friends from TPT to give you a chance to win a BIG pack of goodies! Be sure to check back...we hope its soon!!:)

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  1. Awesome!! Hitting milestones is so exciting! I'm celebrating some of my own, although not nearly at 100 TpT followers! Pop over and check out my Giveaway, currently happening!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom