Thursday, April 25, 2013

Field Trip and FREEBIE!!!

 What a week!!! We are gearing up to begin our end of the year assessments in the next couple weeks. While we are working hard to make end of the year benchmark we created this dice game to help with NWF. We thought  we would give our blog friends a little freebie....hope you can use it!
Roll the Dice NWF FREEBIE

We survived our end of the year field trip!:) Even though the weather was not great, the kids had a fun time and even learned a few new things! We visited a nearby state park and had the chance to explore different habitats. Our favorite was the cave, even though the water was a little high for us to get all the way in. It was fun to wear the hard hats! :)

On the way down to the cave! Don't you just love the hard hats!:)

Inside the cave!

We got to play in the stream with our little net to see what we could catch. It would have been perfect if it would have been about 20 degrees warmer! We love Missouri weather!

Happy (almost) Friday! :)

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