Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where Have We Been and A Bundle Sale!!!

Hi Friends....It has been forever since we have blogged!! Somehow, life has been busy! We know, we know... Not an excuse!!:) Well, we are back!!
 We certainly hope that you are having a great summer break or a great start to the new school year! Our summer...has sadly ended!We had a great summer filled with, friends, family and lots of laughs and love!! What else could we ask for?

Ok..maybe another week here!:) Oh, how I miss the beach!!
      was officially our first day back! We have been working all summer on several projects. We finally finished up our Write the Rooms for each month and put them into a nice little bundle!! The bundle includes a Write the Room pack for every month!!! What a fun way to get the kids engaged and up and moving!! They are a big hit in our rooms...we hope your kids will love them also!! You can grab them on sale 15% off till Sunday!!

We also have our other bundle packs on sale 15% off till Sunday!

Have a blessed rest of the week!!:)

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