Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gingerbread Craziness and Friday FREEBIE!!

Hey Friends...guess what!! We have ALMOST made it! I am talking we have just a 1/2 day left! Wow...lets just say the last thing we needed on the week before break is a full moon...seriously! How.did.that.happen??? Despite the craziness...and let me say it was a whole new level of crazy...we had an awesome week with our Gingerbread men!! We read so many different stories, wrote about our gingerbread men, chased them around the school and finally made houses! Who doesn't love kids hyped up on sugar because maybe...they ate more candy than they put on their houses!! Of was at the end of the day...I hope the bus drivers survived!!

I loved how these sweet pictures turned out! they didn't get to creative with their thinking...but their drawings are precious! I LOVE the fox in the bottom right...look at his face!!! Adorable!

The kids LOVED the scavenger hunt for the missing gingerbread man! The best part...the treats at the end! We found this little freebie from It was wonderful and so fun!

We also sang along to this fun YouTube Video

There are so many great gingerbread are a few of our favorites!!

So...on top of the Christmas crazy happening, we uploaded our latest Friday Freebie!! We hope you will check it out!

We hope you make it through the last day before a much needed break! We will be spending the time enjoying a Christmas breakfast with our kids and then snuggling up to watch Prancer! We hope you have a blessed Christmas with friends and family and you make memories that will last a lifetime!! Merry Christmas sweet friends!! :)

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