Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Little Shopping Linky and Decor Packs

So...we are a little depressed after reading and looking at the pictures of how much fun everyone had in Vegas last week! Let's just say...WE WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR!!!:) It looks like everyone had such a great time!
So...while everyone has been kicking back having fun Vegas style....we have been working and wondering where the summer is going?? is it already time to think about back to school!! However...with back to school comes...SHOPPING!! We just have to share some steals we  found! Can you say 80% off at Hobby Lobby!! That make us smile!!

Ok...these are not from Hobby Lobby but the Dollar Tree and the baskets are from Big Lots!!! I love these sand buckets and maybe we will use them as little trash cans and as pencil containers.
How cute are these....Hobby Lobby!! I think we will "flip-flop" through a good book in the reading center!! Best part...they were like $2.00 each!! Score!:)

Love the flip-flops....I plan to put them on the wall with the big flip flops and maybe on our door..."Look Who's Flip-Flopping into Kindergarten!! So the fish table...adorable and $3.00 WOOTWOOT!!! The big bucket...not sure what I am doing yet...however for $5 had to have it!! Any ideas...I thought about covering up where it says drinks and using it to hold my read aloud books for the week!!

How cute will the kids look wearing these while reading in the library!! Really...I had to have them! Thanks Dollar Tree!!:)
We are not the only teachers prove it there is a linky that we are taking part in!! Thanks to Owl in a Vowel Tree for hosting the party! Check out all the great finds! between all the shopping we have been working on new products!! Here is a quick peak at a few of the decor packs we have been working on!! They have everything you need to get your room ready for the year!!
Melon Headz...we are maybe a little addicted to these cute little kids!!
Here is our Peace theme pack...GROOVY! Love the bright colors!

And finally...our beach pack! Who doesn't love to at least pretend they are at the beach everyday!:)

We all know that one of the first things you work on in Kindergarten are names. We created this awesome pack that ties literature that we read at the beginning of the year to teaching kids how to spell their names! It is packed with some favorites! We are so excited to start this year with this pack!!:)

We are also teaming up with our blogging buddy from Good Enough Teacher for a Back to School Giveaway! There are some great packs that you could sure to check it out!:)


  1. LOVE your blog. Wanted to share an idea that might work well with your cute flip flop display. We had a teacher this year who displayed her "flip flop math" (commutative prop of addition) along with flip flops. An idea kids can really grasp. Incrediblekkids

  2. Love your finds and LOVE all the bright colors. They really pop!!! Thank you so much for linking up with us :)

    ♡ Lori

    ♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree Blog ♥

    ✎ Owl in a Vowel Tree TPT ✎

  3. Hey Jayne...Thanks for hosting a fun linky party. What a great way to "show off" our great back to school products!!!

    Nina...Thanks for your nice comment about our blog and the additional idea for the "flip flop" theme. It is soooo true; the best ideas come from our peers around us:)

    Owl in a Vowel Tree...We LOVE linky parties. We can't wait to see everything up and making our rooms come alive again:)