Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale and NWF Hidden Pictures!!!

WOW...that's about all we can say! We can't believe how quickly the year has gone by! We say it every year but...seriously as of today we only have 12 1/2 days of school left...CRAZY!!! When we think of all the stuff that we have to finish before the end our blood pressure does start to go up a bit!:) We are beginning our end of the year assessments and benchmarks! We created this new pack to go along with Dibels NWF!!! Our kids LOVE the hidden pictures! They really love using the magnifying glasses, but as long as they are learning and having fun, that's all that matters! 

Great practice for the end of the year benchmarks for NWF!
We are so excited to be participating in our very FIRST TPT site-wide sale! Be sure to enter code TAD13 for 28% off your TOTAL purchase! Great time to grab the items off your wishlist!:)
Click on the image to go to our TPT store!

We are trying hard not to STRESS out over all the things that have to be done! (We know...that is wishful thinking) However...we are so excited that our end of the year books are finished...2 weeks early!! Woohoo!:) What a great collection of memories! You can grab your by clicking here!
They are you can use them year after year!

We hope you have a great week and stop by our store for the sale! Don't forget teacher talk Tuesdays! We may be just a little addicted to Instagram!:)
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